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Dex pretending to swim

"I like to look for things no one else catches."
Amélie (2001) Jean-Pierre Jeunet


Dani Soon, Illustrations.

Excellent, intriguing illustrations done by Korean artist Dani Soon.  See more of her gorgeous work below:

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i guess i recorded an ice bucket challenge today after i got my wisdom teeth out ??

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tracey emin

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A Towering Figure Enclosed Within a Glass Greenhouse by Susanne Ussing
Susanne Ussing, ‘I Drivhuset’ (‘In the Greenhouse’), 1980. Ussing was a Danish artist and architect, with a special interest ceramics. This mixed-media piece brings together the world of sculpture and architecture by placing the former inside the latter. Classical parallels are easily conjured here. Like a latter-day (and feminine) Zeus at Olympia, this ginormous female figure is too large for the confines of the glasshouse, which looks like it might shatter were she to move too freely; like a Crouching Aphrodite of immodest proportions, she looks vulnerable and coquettish all at once. At the same time, her skin of newspapers and skeleton of metal and wood thoroughly modern - not quite distracting from the gracefulness of her pose, but instead under-girding her with firm foundations.

Susanne Ussing (1940-1998, Danish) - I Drivhuset installed at Ordrupgaardsamlingen (In the Glasshouse), Denmark, 1980. It is composed of granite and porous materials.

Amélie (2001)




Just swagged on everyone.

ok, i see you charlie, even though you got on plaid bermuda shorts

much better

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